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Know Your

#1 Platform in the world for Caribbean History and Culture

Know Your Caribbean is a platform dedicated to the enrichment of the history and culture of the Caribbean. Focused on telling the untold stories of the region, promoting its diversity, its dynamism and beauty of a region that has been misrepresented with monolithically shallow narrative. 

Focusing on the Caribbean in its entirety, this includes Black/African history, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and European history - falling all into one giant colourful melting pot that is the Caribbean. 

Know Your Caribbean is about representation - through online content, films, photography, art, dialogue and discussion - pushing the envelope as to just what an educational platform does. 

Hosting events, film screenings and workshops, Know Your Caribbean facilitates lectures and intimate talks, whilst creating spaces for the Caribbean diaspora to feel like they have a place that is their own.   

here to tell you things the school books won't

Know Your Caribbean


Fiona Compton

About the Founder

Fiona continues her mission to make Caribbean history and culture accessible to all through events and online through her account ‘Know Your Caribbean’ via Instagram which facilitates educational posts on short palatable bursts. Know Your Caribbean believes that education, done the right way, can change the lives of people of all ages who have a longing to reconnect to their heritage. 


Know Your Caribbean, starting in 2017 has amassed a global audience engaging in historical and cultural discussion, and currently reaches 2 million individual accounts per month, becoming the number 1 online platform for Caribbean history in the world. 


With a combination of archival and contemporary film, photographs, art, as well as a history centred podcast listened to in over 70 countries.

Fiona is also trustee and resident historian for the largest Racial Justice project in the United Kingdom - The World Reimagined. 

Fiona, as the person behind Know Your Caribbean has facilitated events/presentations internationally in Toronto, Canada for Caribana, New Orleans for Essence Festival – the largest African American Festival in the USA, and the New Orleans African American History Museum, with clients including Meta, Bloomberg, and Amazon.  For the summer of 2022, Fiona’s creative writing surrounding the legacy of Black Women and Hair was exhibited in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of Jeannette Ehler’s acclaimed exhibition – Archives in the Tongue - Litany of Freedoms.


Fiona also has run creative workshops for children and young people teaching the history and culture of the Caribbean and its linkages to Africa, in venues such as the South Bank Centre and Black Cultural Archives in London. 


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